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What is SEO?

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Organic Way to get found on Google

Search Engine Optimisation is the organic way to grow your business digitally. Smartest and the most affordable way to get found on Google. SEO targets unpaid traffic that arises from search, image search, video, or industry-specific relevant search.

As an Internet Marketing Strategy, SEO considers how a search engine works, computer algorithms dictating search engine behavior by assessing the searches online, the actual keywords used, and the websites preferred by people online.

A proper SEO on a website can help you get ranked on the SERPs to help you get more traffic that can be converted into leads and then potential customers.

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Why should you go for SEO Services?
It is the smartest & affordable way to be on SERP

As stated, without SEO an average company has to spend $2000 every month for PPC and paid advertisements online to derive traffic (50% of which is not your target audience). Hence, resulting in large sums of money to Search Engines.

Whereas SEO helps to cut the cost to up to 60% to reach the target audience in targeted demographics in a more organic and consistent manner. KICKTOPPERS: The Best SEO Service Agency is here to help you grow organically while you focus to grow your business.

A single-step process?


Levels where you scale to be on the top & works to be on the top

Search Engine Optimization is not a static process, rather it is a more dynamic framework with several rules and methodologies. SEO, in general, comprises three main stages.

Technical SEO

(Crawling and Indexing)

Technical SEO intends to make sure that the search engine crawls your website easily. A spider on the search engine crawls to find what your website is about, unique qualities, and faster loading of the websites. In simple words, we ensure the technical soundness of your website in order to appear in the search results.

Get benefits to reduce your effort to nil with the best SEO Specialists available with us for the Internet Marketing Services so that you can focus on your services and scale your business profitably.

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On-Page SEO

(Content Optimization)

On-Page has more to do with the website content, UX, and most importantly the user-friendliness of the content. It focuses more on working on the website thus, making it easy to move to the next stage i.e. Off-Page SEO.

Build the On-Page SEO like never before with the team available round the clock to help you enhance the quality of your content, technical SEO, and user-friendliness.

Get a detailed report of what worked and what did not, when it comes to On-Page SEO.

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Off-Page SEO

(Website Promotion)

You have the best content, best information, and best products. But, how would others know about it?

Off-Page SEO makes the strongest with the above two stages to help you get better crawlability, visible results, and more chances to scale your business exponentially in the internet world.

We build Backlinks from the sites driving enormous traffic every month to your page, sharing your voice on social media, or on any platform to make people see you exist.

You don’t have to worry about generating traffic for yourself. Kicktoppers extend the SEO Service arm to generate more leads, better conversions and analyzing what works best for your company.

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Put your marketing strategies on auto-pilot to auto propel your business into wider markets.

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